Whole Kids Organic Apricot Fruit Bar 4pk 100g

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When we developed our yummy, nutritious Whole Kids Organic Apricot Fruit Bar for kids aged 12months+ using only the finest organic fruit and natural ingredients, we compared them to a leading supermarket’s conventional home brand version.

We suspected their product would have a few “added extras”, but even we were shocked when we translated all those food additive codes found on their packaging.

Yikes! The home brand bar had 50 ingredients, including artificial colours, flavours, starches, raising agents and emulsifiers, with tongue-twisting chemicals names like butylated hydroxyanisole, hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate and diacetyltartaric and fatty acid esters of glycerol.

Hardly the kind of stuff kids need to be healthy.

Whole Kids Organic Apricot Fruit Bar are certified by Australian Certified Organic, so you can trust that your kids are chomping on the most natural bar around. And without all those “added extras”!

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