Things to Know

Our vision:

To be the most trusted one stop purchasing hub experience for the conglomerate & independent supermarkets, retail & food service distributor, Hospitals, Hotels, and large Daigou operators. Network Foods Australia is the most extensively connected Asian distribution partner to the Food, Dairy, liquor and fresh produce industry in Australia and NZ.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to guarantee quality assurance and brand integrity in all sourcing and distribution processes in order to grow the Australian food, liquor and grocery industry. Network Foods Australia is proud to be socially and environmentally conscious and is acAvely involved with the agriculture community of Australia.

Our Values:

Our business is grounded in our values – our passion, commitment and energy for quality premium products.

Our products and services:

We pride ourselves on sourcing and distributing Australian and NZ food liquor and dairy product ranges for the international consumer. Our services are the trusted and regulaAon compliant distribution of grocery liquor and fresh food products throughout Asian markets . Our services incorporate consolidaAon of orders and deliveries throughout these markets

Our customers:

We work through a network of local and international customers of all sizes, from small owner operated pick and pack business. to distributors and large size Asian hypermarkets. We understand the complexity of the current Aered mulA faceted distribution channel and how to navigate it.

Trends - China

China is Australia’s number one export market, a major source of foreign direct investment and our largest agricultural goods market.

For several decades, exports and investment have underpinned the development of the Chinese economy

To maintain high levels of growth, the Chinese Government is encouraging a transiAon to services and consumpAon while pursuing more sustainable development.

With a populaAon of over 1.3 billion, China has emerged as the world’s largest consumer market for food and beverage (F&B), surpassing the United States in 2011.

According to a recent study conducted by Euromonitor,China is one of the fastest growing F&B markets in Asia, with an average annual growth rate of 35.4 per cent.


Food consumpAon paMerns in China have changed significantly as living standards have risen and more consumers are exposed to a greater diversity of choice, both locally and through travel abroad.

Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and more are seeking the following qualiAes when making purchases:

  • confidence in food safety and ingredients’ integrity
  • higher quality
  • beHer nutri1onal value
  • variety
  • modern packaging
  • freshness
  • convenience.


Increased interest and demand for Australian F&B is being driven by China’s strong economic growth and its rising per capita income. Emerging second Aer markets, wealthy coastal ciAes and not just the hubs of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, are providing opportunities for Australian companies to access a share of the market.

Australia is recognized by local consumers as having a clean and green environment with good quality products and brands.

Products sold in Australian Supermarkets are highly regarded and are referred to as famous brands.

Many Australian exporters have taken advantage of this compeAAve edge by establishing a posiAon as suppliers of meat, dairy products, fresh fruits, seafood and other products.

NFA is consolidaAng these offerings along with the service channel required by the concerning emerging markets.


Market feedback has shown interest in Australian suppliers of:

  • Milk powders (including infant formula and adult milk powder), UHT and pasteurised milk, cheese and buMer
  • seafood (particularly saltwater shell fish such as oysters, crabs and live/frozen lobster and abalone)
  • fresh fruits (e.g. citrus, table grapes, cherries)
  • wheat and barle
  • chilled or frozen meat (limited to red meat and frozen deer meat, there is currently no protocol in place for other white meat and game meat)
  • processed foods
  • baby food
  • wine and beer
  • natural fruit juice
  • convenience and ‘instant’ foods
  • confecAonery and snack products
  • condiments.

Our Strategy

Network Foods Australia has both a market penetraAon strategy and a market development strategy.

With an extremely well-coordinated risk free approach, we will formalise and control the delivery of trusted branded Australian sourced produce to a quality assured appropriate Chinese procurement source and retail sector.

We will also control the delivery to free trade zone locaAons in the Chinese market.

Our market development strategy is to launch distribution into nearby Asian regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia and India where we have an existing network of procurement teams, and sales personnel

Our unique offer

We offer international retailers access to all foods, liquor and general merchandise produced and sourced from Australia and other trusted markets.

NFA has a firm understanding of the complex tiered distribution channel and has access to the grass roots of the WeChat channel a the grass roos of demand.

Our quality focused sales network is currently stretched through China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, Brazil, Mexico and India and is extremely well versed in the regulatory criteria in all of the foreign markets we distribute to.

We offer international branding opportunities to major client organisations.

Approved Customers will be registered buyers and will be offered a massive variety of Australian and international foods at affordable wholesale prices.

We provide continuity of customer purchases and a reliable order and delivery system which is also flexible and nimble to adapt to changing market conditions

We have solid strict trading terms relevant to the type of purchase

Our Expertise

Our experAse is based on decades of industry knowledge and experience within Asia, the Middle Eastern and South America regions of the world.

Our supply chain has been established for over decades.

Network Foods Australia suppliers have sourced over 1000,000 individual products over decades

All products sold are approved and cerAfied under Australian strict Quality Assurance programs.

Our business and operation model has been specifically designed to ensure security and risk free delivery of product complying with all local and international regulatory requirements

All procurement agents /customers of Network Foods Australia are scruAnized and engaged via stringent selection criteria

Our Chinese clients respect our thorough understanding of the Chinese culture and relevant business practices.

All our sales personnel are extremely well versed in the regulatory criteria in all of the foreign markets we distribute to.

The NFA Solution for the Australian Food and Liquor Sector

‘Stay at home’ and let us do it for you – Network Foods Australia offers the Chinese consumer a vast assortment of quality assured trusted Australian product supplied FROM Australia.

NFA will provide the network of agents on the ground in China, the middle east, Indonesia and Vietnam who are connected to buying membership groups.

NFA will set up a membership structure and system in foreign markets which will qualify the purchasers in terms of their buying credentials ie ethical practices, minimum container order size.

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