Native Bliss Goat Milk Soap Shea Butter Kids Care 100 x 100g

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NativeBliss Shea butter Goat’s Milk soap bars are produced in Australia by dedicated artisan soap makers using the traditional method of French triple milling. This traditional method of manufacturing makes the soap bars last longer and mixes the fragrance and Shea Butter right through to the last piece.


Our goats are well looked after and part of the family – we even give them a name! Babies live happily with their mothers and enjoy life on a beautiful Australian mountainside.


Enriched with organic Shea butter, goats milk protein, and the highest quality natural fragrances, each bar will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

Our Kid’s Care Goat’s milk blend well with the nutrition of milk protein and beneficial properties of lavender and chamomile essential oils, nourishing the young sensitive skin with extra soothing, and great softness.


Suitable for:  All types of skin, especially good for very young and sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Certified sustainable palm oil, certified sustainable palm kernel oil, aqua, lavender essential oil, goat’s milk, glycerin, organic Shea butter, sodium chloride, palm acid, chamomile flower extract, titanium dioxide, HEDP, EDTA.

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