Maxigenes Skim Cream Instant Milk Powder 1kg

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Maxigenes® Skim Instant Milk Powder is made from 100% high quality fresh milk in a safe and convenient powdered form.

Maxigenes Skim Instant Milk Powder has no preservatives and is made in Australia.

Other Benefits:

- Made with 100% real milk

- Good source of Calcium

- Creamy and pleasant taste

- Suitable for the whole family, children from the age of 3 and adults

- Can be used in your favourite recipes

- Makes 7 litres

Direction to make 1 cup:

1. Place 1/2 cup lukewarm water into a clean container.

2. Add 1/3 cup (35g) of Maxigenes Skim Instant Milk Powder and gently stir.

3. Add more water to make 1 cup.

Use additional powder for a richer flavour and extra nourishment or to suit personal taste or preference. To enhance the natural flavour, store the reconstituted skim milk in the fridge overnight before use.

Store powder in a cool dry place. Keep reconstituted milk refrigerated between 0-4 degrees Celsius and consume within 7 days.


Skim Milk Powder

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