Full Cream Milk Powder



Whole Milk Powder


Regular Full Cream Milk Powder is manufactured from fresh, high quality whole milk which is pasteurised, concentrated and then dried through a Spray drying process. 



Where milk fat and solids are required.

Hot drinks – coffee & tea, ice cream, yogurt, milk drinks, confectionery, condense milk, chocolate and others.




Moisture                                                           3.5% max

Milk Fat                                                 26.0% - 28% min

Protein                                                              34.0 min%

Ash                                                                  6.0% max



Aerobic Plate Count                                           5000 / g max

Coliforms                                                          10 / g max

Salmonella                                                        Absent / 750g

Yeasts and Moulds                                            50 / g max

Coagulase Positive Staphylococci                     Absent / g



Insolubility Index                                                0.5ml max

Scorched Particles                                            Disc A max

Bulk Density                                                     0.53-0.66 g / ml

Foreign Matter                                                   Absent



Odour                                                               ≥ 7

Flavour                                                              ≥ 7

Appearance / Colour                                          ≥ 7



It is recommended this product is stored under cool, dry conditions, not in direct contact with floors or walls and not in direct sunlight or strong odours.


Product Life

Due to our state of the art gas flushing system, product life is ink-jetted on each bag as being 12 months from manufacture date when stored under appropriate conditions. Best before 24 Months where labelling is permitted.


Bag Identification

Each bag is identified with inkjet printing of batch traceability, production date and a 24 month expiry date.




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