Network Foods Australia is a B2B e-commerce platform with a selective B2C division.

One stop purchasing hub experience for the International Buyer, which includes:

Supermarkets, retail and food service distributor, hospitals, hotels, and larger daigou and B2C operators.

Our expertise is based on decades of industry knowledge and experience with sales channels throughout the world.

Browses through our categories to see the vast range we intend to offer.

Grocery categories including general, fresh, chilled and frozen.

Liquor offering famous brands from South Australia, NSW, Tasmania and Victoria.

Health and Beauty items are a carefully selected to include all the popular brands along with new and exciting products of the future.

The supply chain channels have been established for over 60 years, which allows us to offer with confidence a sound respected list of products.

Network Foods is partnering with sustainable, well-respected manufacturers and suppliers so our customers can grow their business with confidence.

Our professional team of buyers selects all suppliers and manufacturers.

We will assure the products purchased will be of the highest quality and all suppliers will be accredited to Australian and International Food Safety and Quality Assurance Standards.

Our logistics team incorporates quick and reliable consolidation of orders at competitive rates and delivers throughout Australia and overseas destinations.

Network Foods Australia Guaranteeing a commitment to Quality, Food Safety and Professionalism.

We are committed to growing the Australian and international food and liquor industries.

I invite you to become an Exclusive VIP Buyer Member.

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