Chinese Ecommerce
  • Chinese Ecommerce

Network Foods Australia offer Chinese e-Commerce Platforms exclusive service

As a Chinese e-commerce platform you will advertise our list of B2C product range as your own within the VR store or online / Wechat e-commerce platform.

Consumers of the e-commerce platform place the order and pay in China directly with the platform.

Our customer is the e-commerce platform Network Foods does not deal directly with the consumer.

The e-commerce Platform is Network Foods Customer.

The benefits to the Chinese online e-commerce platform are numerous.

  • The approved Trader will place the order of infant formula with Network Foods Australia.
  • Your range is now greatly increased.
  • You can easy advertise and display a range of products within the VR stores.
  • No waiting for shipments or containers from all parts of the world.
  • Clerical and warehouse staff reduced or eliminated.
  • Cash flow is freed up. What was taking 3 months to arrive and be ready for sale is now on hand immediately.
  • Stock is now current and will eliminate any risk of excess obsolete stock and wastage.
  • Customer confidence increased knowing all stock is premium and from Australia or New Zealand.
  • No fear of counterfeit products being delivered.
  • Professional logistics team deliver directly to consumers the products are all registered with the Chinese customs prior guaranteeing no delays.
  • Delivery time is Door to Door within 5 - 7 days.

B2C Process Flow

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