Bio Nourish Propolis 500

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DescriptionPropolis 500 BioNourish Propolis 500 is a high potency extract of propolis resin, a substance collected from selected plant sources by bees. Propolis has inherent antimicrobial activity, helping to protect the hive from infestation by pathological organisms. In the human body, propolis displays powerful antioxidant effects which can fight against free radicals, promote cell regeneration, anti-aging. Its broad-spectrum antibacterial ingredient can support the body's natural immune response. Traditionally, it is commonly used to help relieve mild upper respiratory disease, such as mouth ulcers, sore throat. BioNourish Propolis 500 can assist in: � Supporting the body�s immune system � Protecting the body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress � Relieving a sore throat � Healing minor mouth and throat ailments Each capsule contains Qty Propolis dry extract 100mg equivalent to propolis resin 500mg
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