Bio Nourish Royal Jelly 1000

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DescriptionRoyal Jelly 1000 BioNourish Royal Jelly 1000 contains a potent extract of high quality royal jelly, a nutritional substance produced by bees, which is rich in protein, amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals to aid in the support and development of the queen bee in an apiary colony. For a long time, people see royal jelly as a natural multivitamin supplement used to increase energy, maintain health, boost the immune system and maintain cardiovascular health. BioNourish Royal Jelly 1000 is standardized to contain concentrated amounts of the active constituent HDA to ensure optimal activity and effectiveness. BioNourish Royal Jelly 1000 may assist in: � The maintenance of general well being � The maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system � The maintenance of a healthy immune system Each capsule contains Qty Royal jelly lyophilised 202mg equiv 10 hydroxy-2-deconoic acid (HDA) 11mg equiv Fresh Royal Jelly 550mg
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