Australian Infant Formula Traders

We now offer the unique service of Pick & Pack on behalf of Australian Traders supplying Chinese and Asian markets with infant formula and milk powder products.

These products are becoming increasingly difficult to source as the larger international manufactures reduce the number of distributors and require access to distribution information.

It is understandable and a reasonable requirement that the manufacturer knows where their products are being distributed.

We have introduced this service so reputable Australian Traders can access large volumes of products and still keep their customers details confidential.

How does this work?

  • The approved Trader will place the order of infant formula with Network Foods Australia.
  • Gold Cow Australia will pack the order in required pack sizes.1, 2, 3 & 6-unit box.
  • The referred logistic team PCA Express pick up and deliver to it Asian destination.
  • The trader will provide the delivery details solely to the Logistics company as is the case currently.
  • The Logistic company will be contracted to provide basic information (country and province) only to the manufacturer.

B2C Infant Formula Milk Powder Process Flow

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