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About Us


Simon Hansford developed e-comAustralia "kiosk" in 2017 after identifying a strong demand for trusted, premium quality products from Chinese and other consumers in the South East Asian region. With his experience in the dairy manufacturing industry since 1980, he has a thorough knowledge of both the manufacturing process, and an intimate understanding of the culture in China and how to navigate complex supply channels and ensure regulatory compliance.

Simon has serviced Chinese consumers both locally and in China for many years with infant formula, and has an in depth knowledge and understanding of target consumers needs, and the logistics, regulations and the online / offline distribution channels to service them.

Simon was also at the forefront of the industry in the early eighties when the Victorian Food Safety Regulations and HACCP certification was implemented. The Hansford family along with a very passionate team are committed to the highest standards of integrity, excellence, performance and food safety in dealing with local and international customers.

e-comAustralian "Kiosk" Company

e-comAustralian "kiosk" is an Australian based sourcing, sales, and distribution company connecting branded quality- assured grocery, liquor, dairy, health and beauty products from the Australian and New Zealand market, to Chinese and Asian consumers through an e-commerce wholesale platform available to Chinese retailers trader and their Asian counterparts.

 e-comAustralia is a-

Kiosk Shopping Platform

  • The e-comAustralian "kiosk" platform interfaces with stand alone kiosk within an existing retail store.
  • e-comAustralia "kiosk" has developed the amazing platform exclusively for the  Retail traders throughout China wishing to offer premium product from Australia and New Zealand.
  • The very first e-com platform where Retail traders can independently, privately and profitably sell products directly from Australia and New Zealand into their customers homes
  • We are offering the Retailer an opportunity to manage their own Kiosk within their store to sell Australian products to millions of Chinese consumers.
  • Chinese consumers have a great appetite for imported products from Australia and New Zealand, this trend is only in its early days of growth.
  • Retailers don't miss out.  Now you can profit to within store online sales.

e-comAustralian "Kiosk" Business

  • The e-comAustralian "kiosk"  business has tapped into the enormous growth and successful trading via online.  Now Convenience stores, Supermarkets, Pharmacy, Aged Care and Hospitals can offer the on-line experience and more. 
  •  e-com Australian business model is based on providing accessibility of Australian and NZ products to Chinese based consumers who are visiting your retail store and want more.
  • Through the e-comAustralian "kiosk" network, e-comAustralian "kiosk" will access thousands of retail stores who have existing customers walking through the stores constantly.
  • Retailers offering the "Online Kiosk" experience will have a strong competitive advantage over phone online providers as they can assist the customer decision making process offering trusted reliable product information and assurance are genuine products shipped from Australia directly to the customer or store.


Australian Made

All products made and shipped out of Australia must meet the highest quality standards of Australian legislation and international requirements.

The Australian customs will not compromise our reputation by exporting sub-standard products out of Australia.

This manufacturers, agriculture, transport and retailers to obtain certification for every product or ingredient that is sold domestically or to international markets anywhere in the world.

All products are prepared and sold following our documented Food Safety and Quality Programs and meet the strict standards of DAFF.

All our products sold comply with Australian and international health regulations and labelling standards.

Before shipping, all products are tested by an independent external laboratory which is accredited with NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia). NATA is the authority that provides independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts for customers who require confidence in the delivery of their products and services.

In Oct 2012 the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (GAQSIA) established a registration system for all importers, exporters and overseas manufacturers to ensure the quality of imported food. This system ensures the traceability of Food from the manufacturer through the entire supply chain to the Chinese retailer.

Australian infant formula going to China

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