Introducing Network Foods Australia

I would like to introduce my project to you in the hope you find it interesting and maybe there is an opportunity to cooperate in the future.

Network Foods Australia is a B2B and select B2C e-commerce platform one stop purchasing hub experience for the international conglomerate or independent supermarkets, retail & food service distributor, hospitals, hotels, and larger daigou or B2C operators.

Our expertise is based on decades of industry knowledge and experience with sales channels stretching through China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, Brazil and Mexico. Network Foods in partnership with National Supermarket Retailers, Major Food Service Wholesaler, Specialist Liquor Merchant and Super Health & Beauty department stores welcome local and international businesses to purchase our extensive range of Australian and international produce.

Supplying all grocery categories including fresh, chilled and frozen for the discerning retailers and distributors throughout the world. Our Liquor range is of the highest quality produced in Australia. The Health and beauty items are a carefully selected range of products including organics exhibits out commitment to the well being of all.

The supply chain has been established for over 60 years offering an extensive variety of produce and unique products. Selected by our highly professional team of buyers and are approved and certified under Australian strict Quality Assurance Standards.

The logistics team incorporate quick and reliable consolidation of orders at competitive rates and delivered throughout Australia and overseas destinations. Customers will be invited to become an Exclusive VIP Buyer Member. We offer a competitive wholesale pricing opportunity for all foods freely available for sale within Australia.

Network Foods Australia guaranteeing service with personalised interaction , quality and food safety assurance and professionalism whilst adopting new and modernised purchasing and payment systems along with a unique digital marketing strategy. We are committed to growing the Australian food and liquor industry along with selected high end premium Foods and Health & Beauty products from around the world. Take a look at our site now. We are still busy adding products from trusted suppliers from all parts of the world.

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