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  • e-comAustralian "Kiosk"  based platform exclusively available to retail outlets in China and Asia Regions to provide accessibility to quality Australian products that includes

Grocery, Dairy, Wellbeing, Beauty, Fitness, Wines, and Confectionary products.

  • A unique kiosk one stop shopping experience to add value to your retail outlet.
  • Our customers are active online individuals in search of premium quality brands from Australia. They are business people living and working in China and nearby Asian countries.    
  • The e-comAustralian "kiosk" mission is to Guarantee Continuity of Supply, Quality Assurance and Brand Integrity in all sourcing and distribution processes in order to grow the Australian food industry and service our online consumers.
  • e-comAustralian "kiosk" is an agile business and offers a reliable order and delivery system which is also flexible and nimble to adapt to the fluctuating and trend driven changing market conditions. 
  • We have great understanding of the complex Chinese and Asian distribution systems. Delivery is designed to ensure security and be risk and counterfeit free. All products will be shipped directly to your store for pick up by your customer, building continual customer loyalty over and over and complying with local and international regulatory requirements. 
  • We have the passion, pledge and drive for quality premium products and social responsibility.
  • e-comAustralian "kiosk" is proud to be socially and environmentally conscious and is actively involved with the food manufacturing and agriculture community of Australia.
  • Retailers join the online revolution add that friendly personalise service experience that is missing for the solitary phone user.

Our products are selected by a highly experienced team of professionals complying with Australian strict food safety and quality assurance standards

Clean Green Australia.
Quality Assurance Guarantee.

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